Writers comment: "Dead-Emmett's blog is thoughts about his life, now and past. Covered in irony, negativity, melancholic and black humour. This blog is full of metaphors and if reader doesn't understand them; Congratulations! Then you belong to the highest class of the society."










How does it feel when you fall to the Bottom? When you have lost everything in life, and as in unworthy of society you are, falls a long way down. Falls down to the endless landfill where from above, from the Surface, is thrown away all the surplus.

In the Bottom there is padding around immortal skeletons, which are stuck in the past of their own selves. There is also endlessly shuffling zombies, which will make their slow death and eventually joining among the skeletons.

Follow Emmett's blog, his thoughts of the past of his life, his daily spiritual journey. His thoughts of being a zombie.




                            "That boy is crazy!"

        "I bet he is using drugs as well!"

"We need to discuss how deep your mental problems are."

                                      "I don't want him here, this is for family only!"

          "Take all the trauma, negative experiences, mental health problems, cries, and           satanic worship music and stay out of destroying our pastellic-coloured world.           You are too real and strong. You will be able to convert people to your side and           bring resistance.
          You are no good to society!

                                                 "Why you are so sour?"

"Thank goodness we'll soon get rid of him."

               "Take look at this! I'll get a headache because of that evil boy. I bet the                next thing he wants to do is murder me!"

                               "Don't stare at me!"